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Suffering In Silence Part 1

Posted on June 23, 2017 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (53684)

Grace and Peace Beloved!!    

I know that I have been quiet as it pertains to writing my weekly blogs. I throw myself on the mercy of the court. I promise that I am going to do a better job, loved ones. As you are aware, I am preparing for the very serious assignment and Kingdom of God movement, here in the historic Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The 2017 “Suffering In Silence” Family Conference & Summit is quickly approaching. The God given theme for this year’s summit is “The Silence Is Deafening”. Over the next few weeks, I will focus and share certain aspects of this movement with you. I have become so burdened with the reality that far too many people are dying the slow death, both internally and externally, because of past and present emotional pains, hurts, wounds and disappointments and most have no voice for help or deliverance. So many are reverting to the wrong things, including suicide, to try to cope with these hidden fights. Sadly, I have also discovered that there is no age limit to the silent strugglers. My heart aches because I see this “situation” is as prevalent within the “Household of Faith” as it is in the secular world. The silent cries are so loud that it’s deafening. Things must change and change quickly and I have to respond.

The “Suffering In Silence” Conference & Summit has been birthed to give the voiceless a voice and to open the doorway to true freedom. While it is impossible to deal with everything in one setting, this will be three (3) and a half days of Teaching, Training, Praise, Worship, Ministry, Healings, Deliverance, Breakthroughs and more. This God Encounter will consist of the daily teaching/training sessions and the Evening Worship Services for the entire family. My steadfast drive and aim, along with the other Summit “Life Investors & Instructors” is to present sound truth for navigating everyday life and walking in Godliness (2 Peter 1 vs. 3). The teaching sessions will address subjects matters as Healing Hurting Women; Loose The Man and Let Him Go, Musical, Talented, Gifted, Anointed and Messed Up; Wounded In The House of My Friends (Church Hurts); What My Parents Don't See (Youth Session); Help, My Health Is In Trouble; The Plight of the Caregiver and You Can Live Again. Yes, I know I’m teasing you.

This movement is dear to my heart and it will always be my sincere desire to see people living the “ZOE” (the GOD Kind of Life), walking in true happiness and made whole. My Elder Brother did say “I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly” (St. John 10 vs. 10b). Know, without a doubt, I am committed to this mission to destroy the silence. There is still availability if you desire to attend this year’s Summit, just click the 2017 Summit link on the website for complete information. See you there!!

Is Your Pot Too Small? - Part 4

Posted on March 4, 2017 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (40094)

(This blog is a little longer than the previous writings as we at the close of the Pot series)


Grace and Peace Be Unto You! This blog is long overdue. If you’ve noticed the rather large gap between blogs entries, there is a reason for that. The prayer book has been completed and released and I have returned to my post. If you haven’t purchased your copy, visit the New Resources link and get it today. That being said, Let’s Go!


If you are just starting the series, please return to part 1 to begin there. In Part 3, we left off at a place of challenge and self-examination. I personally know what it’s like in that place because I constantly stay in prayer, stay before God and always checking my heart and motives by the Word of God. I want to be pleasing to God every day! Before the book writing break, I’d actually begun Part 4 of this series at interesting time; it was Rosh Hashanah & Yum Kippur (Jewish New Year/Day of Atonement/Feast of Trumpets). The time of new beginnings, fresh starts and cleansing; leaving the old behind and reaching to the new! I mention this because is the core of this series.


This is the time for real growth, the stretching and maturity. As I watch all that is going in the world and the church, I sense more than ever the lateness of the day. I clearly see and hear our Father pushing and pulling His Children to lay aside every sin and weight, to leave the old things, ways and attitudes behind and to grow in the Knowledge of Him. It’s time for the trees of righteousness to flourish and produce. IT REQUIRES GROWTH. It is in that growth that what was previously done no longer works the same way and what was comfortable before ceases to be. The “POT” is now too small. Throughout varied places of scripture, we find the statement “The place is too small” only because of enlargement and growth. This never happens where there is no growth.


As we are in the end time revival and nearing the soon catching away of the church, those of us who are truly connected to the VINE are being pruned, clipped, reshaped and purged to bring forth good fruit that remains (St. John 15 vs. 1 – 8; 16). It is a required process for growing and producing and, yes, it is uncomfortable. Things change and fall away, people/relationships come and go, but also a deeper longing for God emerges. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the “Pot” is the things or the relationship that brought and sustained you until this point in life for greater maturity. As time progresses, some things will alter. It’s not a bad thing, do not fret…You’ve just outgrown your pot. As unsettling as it may be, the world needs what’s on the inside of you from God and needs to eat from the tree that is YOU. You have to grow!


I began this series referencing my days in horticulture. The seeds that I planted started in 2 x 3 inch pots, then required a larger pot as they rooted and grew. The more I watered, fertilized and sunned them, the more they grew. Eventually they were too big for a simple pot and had to be sold to be planted in the ground. Just like those seeds, we begin small and God, the Husbandman, waters, fertilizes and suns His seeds. Over time, we become too big for the small pot and must be planted in a place where there is no limits. Remember who we are called to be “trees planted by the rivers of waters that bring forth fruit in his season, without withering leaves” (Psalm 1). The change is not bad, it means you have matured.

Don’t hold on to what you have outgrown…That pot is now too small.



Is Your Pot Too Small? - Part 3

Posted on October 4, 2016 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (16128)

Grace and Peace Be Unto You!

Another blessed week and God is and continues to be good. If you are starting here and have not read part 1 & 2, please go back to the beginning of the “Pot” series. Ok, let’s continue this journey. Jesus declares in St. John 15 “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you that you should bring forth fruit and that your fruit should remain”. As you have been reading in these blogs, you should recognize that we are called and chosen to be producers. Once we understand who we are, as children of God, we can then go and do the works of Him that sent us. In the previous blogs, I’ve dealt with the characteristics of a seed. At this moment, my prayer is that the “Seed” picture is clear for you. Now, the seed needs to grow and mature. So the question becomes, what makes the seed grow?

The journey of life as it flows always creates the needed opportunities for growth and maturity. God in His Infinite Wisdom and Design will use certain circumstances and situations to pull up, pull out, grow and mature what He placed on the inside. It’s the process to maturity. In developing the relationship with God by reading, studying and being taught the Word of God, praying, attend worship services (no getting around that one) and actively engaging in a life of praise & worship, we discover what pleases and displeases God. It is then that we should wholeheartedly began to pursue God in what I call the “addition and subtraction walk”. The laying aside every besetting {moving out of the proper place and mindset} weight and sin (Hebrews 12:1) and the putting on the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 13:14). Look at the David example in Psalm 51 & 139; Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit in me (51:10) and search me and try me to know my heart and thoughts, see any wicked way in me and lead in the path everlasting (139 vs 23,24). That’s the heart cry of a true child of God…”I want to live a life pleasing to you Lord and anything not right in me, take it out”. If this is really our desire and pursuit, it begins to happen and then it must be tested and proven.

Think and ask yourself; Do I consistently live a life of character and integrity or a sometime compromiser? When that family member, the supervisor or a coworker is working “the nerve”, do I resort to words and responses not reflective of my confession or do I maintain prayerful self-control? Can I honestly say those around me recognize that I’m a child of God or is my light so dark that I can’t see my own lifestyle? Think and answer honestly. As you look at it, I want you to receive this insight. Each situation, circumstance and test comes to show what’s in you, whether you are growing or if you are stuck and dying? I know some might need to go pray right now because you don’t like the answer and I want you to go to God. But before you go, take this with you. In order to grow and mature, you must be changed, reshaped and molded into His Image to be able to properly reflect God and His Glory. This journey is not to kill you, but to mature you and make you into the producer you were created to be. There are greater things ahead and journey continues…


Is Your Pot Too Small? - Part 2

Posted on September 16, 2016 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (13944)

Grace and Peace Beloved! If you have not read the part 1, please start there.

In the previous blog, I posed a challenge (I just want you to look at your life right now and ask yourself…Am I breaking out of the pot or am I dying because the pot is too small. If either answer is YES, it’s time for a pot change). Let’s continue the journey. In Genesis 8 verse 22, God said to Noah “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter and day and night.” From the start it became clear that life would bring changes. I take my time to write this because we, as the people of God and society as a whole is at an interesting impasse. Life as it has been known has and is quickly changing. I am not going into the wars, diseases, politics, elections or the hooks and crooks right now, but understand it all aligns with my challenge from the Lord.

Every person has been given a purpose (the seed characteristic) that should be fulfilled in life. It does not matter how long or short the life is, the purpose should be fulfilled. Jesus often referenced seeds, planting, weeds, trees, separation, harvest and fruit in His teachings. (Being surrounded by educators, I learned that if you want to make emphasis on something, you repeat it two or three times). The “Master Teacher” thought it important to discuss the subject. We are called “fruit bearing” trees, the planting of the Lord and so forth. Let’s examine it…fruit trees didn’t start out as trees, they all began as what…A Seed. A seed containing the potential to grow, mature, enrich lives and also reproduce of its internal nature. With this series of blogs, I want you to think about your own life. What are you producing? Who and what are you enriching?

We are supposed to live as the seed and trees that we are. We start small, not appearing as much to the eye, but given the right situation, growth occurs and we will become tall, majestic and producers. Think about where we temporarily live; we live on earth. We were made from the earth. The seed living in the place where it must grow and flourish. I know it seems like I’m teasing you, but you must first have a clear picture of your God given potential before moving into greater. The pot is never too small for anything not growing. If you already have the view, have embarked on fulfilling purpose and are at the impasse, stay on this journey with me. Part 3 coming…


Is Your Pot Too Small? - Part 1

Posted on September 12, 2016 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (14501)

Grace and Peace…Ok, I admit it, I am little behind schedule here. That being said, let’s move forward. Today, I want to pose a question…Is Your Pot Too Small? Intrigued, come take the journey with me. Life is about change. People come and people go, seasons alter and fads most definitely shift. Change happens! I recall while having my car serviced a few months ago, I heard God distinctively say “Change Is Never Comfortable, But It Is Necessary”. Most of us, if we are honest, don’t like change. We prefer for things to remain in a comfortable place, unchanging and unaltered. However, without change, there is no growth. As I ponder this, my mind goes back to the days of my horticultural training at Miami Agricultural School (now Turner Tech).  I specialized in plant life and seedlings, but that’s another blog.

What I distinctly remember is watching the seeds that I had to plant in specific soil, fertilize them in the some of the most horrid smelling “stuff” known to mankind, sit them out in the sun and also load them with water, soon begin to grow and take shape. In what I call the infancy stages, small pods were used to grow the seeds and I had to carefully watch their growth. After a while, they developed roots and needed to be repotted in something larger. As I continued caring for the plants, they grew and the process continued; growth and repotting. But something stands out about the growth; if I did not repot the plants in time, there was always an interesting occurrence. Either the roots would either break the pot or the plant died from suffocation. You see, it needed to continue its growth. The characteristics of the seeds placed in the right environment responded and produced growth.

We, as children of God are the same as those seeds. God sends the people, HE allows interesting situations and even permits the fiery trials to come, not to kill us, but to create the right environment for growth. It is the soil, the fertilizer, the watering and the heat of life that causes what is on the inside of each of us to begin to “root” and take shape. Even so, eventually the pot must be changed. I am about to shout right now, so let me move. I just want you to look at your life right now and ask yourself…Am I breaking out of the pot or am I dying because the pot is too small. If either answer is YES, it’s time for a pot change. Part 2 coming…

God Wants To Abide

Posted on August 24, 2016 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (3186)

Grace and Peace Beloved!

It’s another week and God has been gracious to all of us. This week I want to share that which, as I like to say “Found a Seat in my Spirit.”  While in conversation with a cousin, the following came out of my spirit…God Wants To Abide! Naturally, I am an avid cook and I definitely have no problem being a host (thanks Mom).  During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I cooked like a crazy man because I was having guests for dinner. Also I recently had another cousin at my home for about a week. The key factor in all that I’ve mentioned thus far, every person eventually left the house. Each one sat in the same living room, washed their hands in the same restroom, ate on the same dining sets, laughed, talked and complemented the cooking. However, at the close of the fellowship, each one went his or her own way. I, on the other hand, remained in the place of the gathering. Why, because I was in the place where I live.

As a guest in one’s home, you only have access to what they allow you the freedom. The bedroom is not open to all, the closets are not a free-for-all to go and get whatever you want. Even staying as an overnight guest yet limits what can and cannot be done in the house. The visitor is confined to what the owner allows. On the other hand, I have unlimited freedom where I live. I can go anywhere in the house, rearrange furniture, paint, knock down a wall or build and expand what is mine. It is the same with God!

Does His Name appear listed as owner and ruler of our lives or is He just visiting for the moment? Sadly, most of the time, he is simply a visitor and told what He can and cannot do with us. A God visit usually consists of a Sunday morning service, a half-hearted prayer, a “I may have picked up my Bible” today and no real relationship with Him. So you are reduced to a momentary feel good touch and He’s gone. However, when God truly lives in you, He has the ALL ACCESS to your life. Worship is constant, prayer is consistent, the time in the Word is ever growing and His Presence is evident. Most importantly, He has the freedom to change, rearrange, correct, establish and order your life according to His Will and Purpose. This is what He wants…to abide with you and in you; not come for a quick meal and go. He desires to make Himself known to you and in you as His Child. Why not give God the keys to your life door (the heart, mind and soul) so that He can take up permanent residency (St John 14 vs. 23/Revelation 3 vs 20).  You will not regret this occupant. He’ll stay with you forever, if you let Him. 

Peace and Blessings!!

The Kingdom Servant

Stay Focused

Posted on August 16, 2016 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (7360)

Greetings To You!!

Let me share my heart…I had a time trying to complete this entry. It is not that God is not speaking nor the lack of the topic. As a matter of fact, it is the timing of the subject that made it “the fight”. As you see, I've conquered it.  Over the last few weeks, things have quickly unfolded in my life and I have been in serious reflection mode. Thinking about the promises of God being fulfilled in my life and that He is true to His Word. I’ve thought about my life, ministry, the brain surgery, being homeless and sleeping in my car and local shelters. My mind has been on the testimonies. In addition, two days ago marked the anniversary Sunday of my consecration into the office of Kingdom Apostle, a major milestone for me. As I looked at each of the ordered steps, there are two key standouts; 1. God has always brought me through and 2. I had to remain focused on HIM and the Word in the midst of the crazy moments. Even on the day that I had to be faithful to my intercession assignment for the prayer line, which forced a decision for me to have to leave the shelter…I had to stay FOCUSED. I knew that stand meant sleeping in the car again, but I made the choice.

I speak from experience when I say staying focused is a purposed decision. Life brings all types of challenges, hurts, great disappointments and at times, unexpected occurrences. No one is exempt! Yes, there are highs and the joyous, laughing moments…the good days, but the “what in the world moments” will soon come knocking. It is in those “what in the world rainstorms” that we all have to purpose in our hearts and minds to remain fixed on God, what He said and His promises.  This is where foundations are truly tested and proven. Do I really believe and live what I have confessed or is it just a good talk? It is all too easy to lose focus and perspective when twists and turns arise that do not seem favorable and or surmountable. We must remember that God has spoken through His Word and speaks to us individually concerning His Plan, Will and Purpose for our lives. He does this so that when the storms come, we have the anchor to stand, survive and overcome.

Let me ask, when the boat of life is shaking, do you see the MAN walking on the water or are you screaming in fear? If you keep looking at Him (staying focused), you will notice that He is walking to your boat. I encourage you as you read this, in spite of the winds and waves in life, make the decision to say “God I trust you in this and I know that you will not leave me or forsake me”. Never forget if you have given your life to God, Christ Jesus is in you, the hope of Glory and the Greater One is living in you (Colossians 1 vs 27/1 John 4 vs 4). Be strong and of good courage (Joshua 1 vs 9) you can make it. He is with you, so don’t lose heart and faint, but Stay Focused!  

Peace and Blessings!!

The Kingdom Servant